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About is the website for students who increasingly need to improve their language skills and prepare for future careers. With improvements in Internet technology and increased global Internet use, study abroad information has become more accessible and it is now possible for students to realize their study abroad dreams on their own.

It is relatively easy to apply to become an ESL (English as a Second Language) student compared to applying for a degree program at a university or graduate school. Although most language schools have extensive program information listed on their own websites, not all of these schools provide students with the option to apply online. Furthermore, even those schools with online applications do not widely provide course information or the actual application in languages other than English. Thus, the problem remains that many students still complain that filling out an application is too difficult and they worry whether they can really complete the process on their own. provides a safe and efficient alternative to existing applications through schools. Through our website, students can research schools in a variety of languages, find important information they need simply and apply to the school that best fits their needs. With easily accessible online applications, students can contact their school and enroll the fastest way possible. online applications are also a safer and less expensive alternative to existing application services provided by placement agencies who charge students for their services. By contacting the school and communicating with the admissions staff directly, students can start their study abroad experience with the application process and develop the necessary steps spirit every good student must possess before they arrive at their school. provides all the tools and support you will need to enroll at the school you choose. We provide students with the basic knowledge needed to apply, including information about the country you will study in, useful English terms you should know and sample letters which you can use to communicate with admissions staff. Your transition from applicant to student will be a smooth one as we also give you advice about the online application process, things you’ll need to do after you apply and answers to questions you might have. has an extensive network of over 300 of the best English schools in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zeland, Irland for you to apply to.

All information at is provided in five languages; English, German and Spanish. Currently, students apply from over 70 different countries around the world. With support in multiple languages and school and course descriptions which are easy to understand, there’s no stress involved in the application process. We welcome your application through!


Best Price Guaranteed
100% guaranteed, that you will pay the lowest price. We offer you the lowest possible course rates - you never pay more than if you booked directly with the school itself or anywhere else. Besides, our service is free. We do not charge any booking fees.

Excellent Advice
Exceptional Customer Support
Whenever you need assistance, you can always call our customer support. Before, during and after your course, we are here for you. You can easily contact our experienced and friendly consultants. We're always just a click away through e-mail, phone call, skype or even live chat!

100% Confirmed
Your booking 100% confirmed!
It's very unlikely that something will go wrong with your booking once confirmed by the language school. In fact we're so confident, that if you don't have your course place at the selected school, we'll credit your account with your full deposit and find another possible alternative for you.


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Interserice travel Ltd, was established in 2000 and has succeeded as a Travel Agency and a Education Agency company.
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