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Kaplan San Francisco-TOEFL ® Exam Preparation (20 Lessons per week)

Quick Overview

TOEFL ® is the most popular examination for North American English. Our TOEFL ® and Academic English Exam Preparation course will give you the test skills and the level of English that you need to do well on your exam. Study with the world leaders in test preparation and watch your score rise!

45 minute lessons for a minimum of 4 weeks.
20 Lessons of TOEFL ® Exam Preparation & Academic English:
Discuss test-taking strategies, review practice tests and improve your academic English skills.
15 Sessions of Structured Study:
Take up to 8 full-length TOEFL ® iBT practice tests every two weeks and receive feedback on all sections.

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Kaplan International San Francisco
149 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Learn English in San Francisco
Our school in the heart of San Francisco is an ideal place to learn English. Ride across the Golden Gate Bridge, check out Alcatraz or go wine-tasting in Napa Valley – all within a short journey from campus.

Kaplan's English School in San Francisco
Kaplan’s English school in San Francisco is a great place to learn the language – it boasts a convenient central location, great transport links, modern classrooms and a relaxed atmosphere. Our busy social calendar will help you get into the San Francisco vibe and make a bunch of new friends, all in your first week!

San Francisco is famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz prison island and its cable-car network – a relic from before there were buses and cars. They’re still available for public use, and our school’s location means you can learn English in San Francisco, then hop on a cable-car and do a tour of the city in your lunch break!

All 16 classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, interactive whiteboards and can accommodate up to fifteen students.

There are 20 computers in the multimedia center along with a collection of learning software for students use. The multimedia center is a great place to utilize technology to
maximize your learning.

Student Lounge
The school has a spacious student lounge and kitchenette, complete with a refrigerator, microwave, and washing station.

We have an extensive library available for your use which stocks text books, self-study materials, magazines and some paperbacks.

There is no cafeteria on the premises, however just outside the school are many restaurants, cafes and stores.

Gym facilities
Students can join a number of gym facilities that are within a five minute walking distance from the school. Gyms offer swimming pools, basketball courts and a number of exercise

Activities/Social Program
Kaplan plans a busy schedule of activities each month.Students may also purchase tickets to see the best college and professional teams in San Francisco playing basketball,
baseball and football. There are weekend trips led by our partner organization throughout the year to Wine Country, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles and Yosemite. Other attractions in
San Francisco include the famous Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. There is so much to see and do in this beautiful city.

At the end of the course you will receive an accredited Kaplan International English Certificate of Achievement documenting your new language level and attendance.

Student Residences
All of our student residences offer twin and single rooms and have a TV, fridge, microwave, telephone and free wireless internet in each room.
    Room type: Single or Twin
    Minimum age: 18
    Meals provided: 7 per week (breakfast) or Self-catering
    More information:
    Rexidence Fillmore Center
    Spaulding Residence

Homestay accommodation is ideal if you want to learn about and immerse yourself in a different culture. Share meals with your hosts every day and benefit from speaking English in relaxed, natural situations; a great way to learn English!
    Room type: Single or Twin
    Minimum age: 16
    Meals provided: 14 per week
    More information:
    Download our Homestay in San Francisco fact file

Additional Information

Terms & Conditions

Kaplan schools are authorized under Federal law to enrol non-immigrant students. After your application is received, Kaplan will request proof of funds verifying ability to pay for the entire enrollment in the US, which is required for Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility issuance.

Enrollment Fee is $150. Once your application has been received by a Kaplan International Colleges advisor, you will receive a full invoice.

Courier fees: If you enrol on a course in the USA less than 30 days before the course start date, a courier fee of USD60 will be charged to cover the expedition of visa documentation. If you enrol more than 30 days before the course start date, documentation will be sent by normal postal service, unless you request and pay for the courier service. In all other countries, a courier service is available on request at GBP35, EUR55, CAD75, AUD75, NZD85.

Tuition fees: Tuition fees include lessons, orientation meeting, use of computer room and internet, placement and progress testing and a Kaplan certificate on completion of the course. Kaplan reserves the right to withhold the granting of a certificate attained by a student if tuition fees or any other fees remain outstanding, or other conditions are not met.

Additional services: Any additional services (transfers, travel, laundry, telephone costs, excursions, medical costs, special diet, exam fees, change of accommodation and enrollment amendments) are not included in any fees unless specifically stated on a valid invoice.

Change fees: A minimum of 4 weeks’ notice is required for any change. If you request a change of school location, course dates, accommodation or programme type after your course has started, you will be charged a change fee of GBP60, EUR85, USD100, CAD100, AUD75, NZD75 which is payable at the time the request is made. Kaplan is not obliged to fulfill any change request. Academic Year or Academic Semester students cannot transfer to a different Kaplan school during term time. If changing to a location where fees are lower, the difference in fees will not be refunded. If changing to a more expensive location or programme, the difference in fees will be charged. All changes are subject to Kaplan’s discretion and require approval of the Programme Director. You will not be charged a change fee if you extend your course, but late homestay extensions in Canada may require a re-placement fee of CAD100. It is the responsibility of the student to pay for any course or accommodation extensions. Any change of tuition resulting in a reduction in lessons will be treated as a termination of the existing booking and rebooking, and will thus be subject to the standard terms & conditions governing terminations (see ‘Termination Policy’).

Books and learning materials: All books and learning materials will be made available to students during their course. A book deposit (USD40) may be charged at the beginning of the course. This will be refunded at the end of the course, if the books are returned in good condition. Some specialized courses may require the purchase of books. In Canada, New Zealand and Australia a materials fee is charged to students to cover the cost of such items.

‘Cancellation’ refers to the period up to the start date of the first course you are attending. Cancellations must be made in writing and in these cases, providing the student never attends, 100% of the tuition and accommodation fees will be refunded, less any actual housing costs incurred; in all cases, the courier fee, enrollment fee and any other service charges (e.g. airport transfer fee, medical insurance, campus fee, program supplement fee, etc) are non-refundable up to a maximum charge of USD500 (USD250 in California). Cancellations made prior to the course start date but after arrival in the US on a Kaplan-issued Form I-20, will result in forfeiture of tuition, and any associated accommodation fees, equal to the first 4 weeks for courses between 1-11 weeks and the first 6 weeks for courses 12 weeks or longer.


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