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OHLA MIami- Super Intensive English (30 lessons per week)

Quick Overview

The OHLA – Brickell Campus offers students a great opportunity to be immersed into an environment of cultural diversity while taking English classes. It is an exceptional way of learning English while enjoying sports, tourism and recreation. Anyone wanting to improve their linguistic skills will greatly benefit from attending our program. For over 16 years, OHLA has been providing exceptional ESL programs and language services designed for international students. Our language programs are perfect for those students who wish to improve their communication skills while increasing their knowledge of American Culture.

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Open Hearts Language Academy. 825 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL 33131, United States

Open Hearts Language Academy has been providing exceptional ESL programs and language services for over 16 + years. We offer comprehensive English language programs designed for international students to learn English in the US. Our language programs are perfect for international students who wish to improve communication skills and learn how to speak English while increasing their knowledge of American Culture.

OHLA is one of the leading language schools in Miami and the recipient of several academic awards for excellence.

    Students from over 60 countries
    University partnerships in the United States and Canada
    Four campuses
    Over 16 years of experience

OHLA Brickell campus is located in the Four Ambassadors complex just one block east of Brickell Avenue, the “Wall Street” of Miami. OHLA MIaimi facility boasts:
            3 reception areas
            21 spacious classrooms
            3 computer labs offering 40 stations with High Speed Internet access
            Specialized Graduate Studies Center
            Classrooms equipped with Smart Boards
            Modern student lounge/common areas
            FREE Wireless internet connection
            Bay view location

Additional on-site Amenities
            Student residence on and off campus
            Fitness gym
            Wellness center for yoga, aerobics and power plates
            Swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s
            Student Cafeteria
            Beauty Salon & Massage Center
            Restaurants conveniently located in the lobby area

OHLA Miami commitment to teaching
We are delighted that you are considering learning English with us here in beautiful, sunny Miami, Florida. Open Hearts Language Academy is an international English-language learning academy that is service-oriented. Our mission is to provide high-quality academic and English language programs as well as a healthy cultural experience for people who wish to learn English as a second language for academic, professional and personal purposes.

At OHLA Miami, our total commitment goes into facilitating the advancement of students’ communication skills within the English language through a wide variety of courses and activities.
Personalized English-language learning
OHLA has students from all over the world

OHLA Miami offer personal English language tutoring and study services as well as a high standard of student-oriented curriculum and instruction. We also give international students insight into the culture of the United States through activities and social experiences outside of the Institute.
One of the best things is that students come to study at OHLA from many different countries, so you will have the opportunity to share and compare your experiences with students from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Let language professionals teach you
OHLA student and her ESL teacher at graduation

OHLA Miami teachers are qualified English language instructors based in the US and who come from a variety of professional backgrounds.Each teacher has completed at least a Bachelor Degree in Second Language teaching or in a related field. They have also gained additional ESL qualifications through training courses and educational seminars which render many years of teaching experience.
It is our personal goal to help you improve your English language skills – and have a great time.

For students in our Intensive and Super Intensive ESL programs, we have integrated into our schedule a vast array of complementary language courses that vary depending on the level of each individual student. Each course is complementary and lasts 12 weeks.

Students in the Intensive English language program, will receive two afternoon courses, each taught by a different teacher.

Students in the Super Intensive English language program have 4 afternoon language courses taught by alternating teachers as well. This allows the students to be exposed to many teaching styles during their time at Open Hearts Language Academy.

Here is a sample of elective courses offered:
 Strategic Reading
 Applying Grammar Rules
 Mastering English Sounds
 Communication for Oral Fluency
 Clarity & Confidence
 English in the Workplace
 Making Presentations
 Successful Negotiations

Additional Information

Terms & Conditions

Application Fee     US$120 dollars
Homestay Placement Fee     US$175 dollars
Textbooks for Semi Intensive Program     US$50 dollars
Textbooks for Intensive Program     US$100 dollars
Textbooks for Super Intensive Program     US$150 dollars
Textbooks for Exam Preparation     US$100 dollars
Mailing Fee (Student Visa Only)     US$80 dollars
SEVIS FEE (Student Visa Only)     US$200 dollars


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